Benriner Cook’s Help Vegetable Slicer Spiralizer

Benriner Cook’s Help Vegetable Slicer Spiralizer

Made in Japan – this, for us at, is the definitive spiralizer!

Made by the leading brand Benriner this is a vertical orientation spiralizer – this makes it easy to apply the perfect amount of pressure to make sure even the hardest vegetables are sliced in long even strips.

Slightly smaller than our other favourite vertical hold spiralizer (the Chinese made Lurch Spiralo) this means it can’t handle some of the larger lengths of vegetable, though on the other hand it is easier to store, taking up less space in the kitchen. Also being lightweight and significantly smaller than the boxier horizontal spiralizers it is never a chore to get out and use.

This spiralizer has comb-like blades that, at times, are somewhat fiddly to slot into the unit. However these blades are far higher quality that the grater-style blades found on all the other spiralizers we have tested!

There are three blades supplied with this model and come in 1mm, 2.4mm and 4mm widths. Unfortunately there is also no in built storage for them either so you will have to make sure to keep them safe.

Benriner Cook’s Help Vegetable SlicerThe high quality blades have the ability to cut perfect spirals of veg. The 1mm blade carves off very fine hair like strands – far finer than any other spiralizer we’ve seen. When using the 2.4mm and 4mm blades you can expect more usual tagliatelle style strips.

In a testament to the quality of the blades on this model it managed with ease to spiralize even the hardest to veg we thew at it. Beetroot to butternut squash – the Benriner Cook’s Help always performed flawlessly!

Priced at $33.43 on and £28.20 on this spiralizer is also incredibly reasonably priced for the quality.

Benriner Cook’s Help Vegetable Slicer

9 official rating



  • Very high quality blades
  • Small and lightweight
  • Can cut 1mm thin strips
  • Sturdy & Japanese made


  • No blade storage
  • Fiddly to swap blades

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